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BEDROOM ADVICE ft. Maisie Williams

Dear fandom,


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To people who have read all the 5 books,

Does Jaime and Brienne meet again???

Rape scene aside, I don’t like the fact that Jaime/Tommen scene was so brief. If I remember correctly, in the book they had a longer, more private conversation and it kind showed that Jaime really cared for his children and it’s not just his duty as a Kingsguard.

Came here to vent for a bit cause I just watched THAT ep.3 scene.

What the fuckity fuck just happened?? SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT DID I JUST WATCH!?!? Is this what happened in the book? WTF? T_T This is Jaime we’re talking about!! 


1. If what’s in the book is indeed, rape, isn’t that so out of character for Jaime?

2. If it’s not, why was it portrayed as rape on screen? 

p.s. geez, how many layers are they wearing. O_o


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  • Tywin: [looking out at Casterly Rock] Someday, son, this all will be yours.
  • Jaime: What, the curtains?

So. I’m finally done with exams and stuff. And I may or may not have forgotten what it’s like to tumblr. Tumblr? Tumble? Idek. :/

What is up?

Well I hope you get in there if that’s where you want to go ^__^ Good luck with your A-levels!
Yep! Thanks Rellie! And thanks again for your help with the Personal Statement!!! :)
Haha! So all else fails I might be seeing you around campus next year :P
Sure will!! haha. But as of now I’ll most likely go to UEA London. Cause they have January intake so I’ll graduate a year early than if I were to go Essex in September. :)
Congratulations! Where’s it to? :)
To Essex!! :D :D 

omfg!! Less than one week from A Levels and I just found out I got an unconditional offer!! Phew!!! Such a relief knowing that if I screw up (again), I’ll still have somewhere to go next year. :’)


no but seriously a levels make me wanna stab myself

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