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Expect to see a lot of that hot slab of Dane, that angel haired life ruiner, that lip biting asshole, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Name's Tj. I make gifs and I take gif requests. Currently in a hiatus.


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  • Tywin: [looking out at Casterly Rock] Someday, son, this all will be yours.
  • Jaime: What, the curtains?

So. I’m finally done with exams and stuff. And I may or may not have forgotten what it’s like to tumblr. Tumblr? Tumble? Idek. :/

What is up?

Well I hope you get in there if that’s where you want to go ^__^ Good luck with your A-levels!
Yep! Thanks Rellie! And thanks again for your help with the Personal Statement!!! :)
Haha! So all else fails I might be seeing you around campus next year :P
Sure will!! haha. But as of now I’ll most likely go to UEA London. Cause they have January intake so I’ll graduate a year early than if I were to go Essex in September. :)
Congratulations! Where’s it to? :)
To Essex!! :D :D 

omfg!! Less than one week from A Levels and I just found out I got an unconditional offer!! Phew!!! Such a relief knowing that if I screw up (again), I’ll still have somewhere to go next year. :’)


no but seriously a levels make me wanna stab myself

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Me on that goal for westbrom:


god damn it why haven’t we scored yet?? ugh!

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So, I’m poor,


a mess and I’m thinking "what’s the best way to fix it?"


Tonight, if you guys want to join. 

Reblog if you want to join, so I can get an idea of how many to expect. It’ll be around 21:00 UTC +1 more or less, but I’ll make more posts later once I’m 100% sure that there’ll be a Livestream :)

The only time in, what, a week I log in onto tumblr and it’s a livestream day? hell yeah!! 

WAIT WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT OUT? I NEED TO KNOW WHICH OTHERS THEY’RE MAKING! also there was a competition to vote for one of the others, the choices were Jaime minus hand, Tyrion with scar and Sandor with his helm :’D
there is a forum for collectors of Funko Pop!s. It’s called Funko Funatic forum!! :D and this person got the prototype (a.k.a. protos) for the Brienne pop. And if you look at her sig, she’s got Tyrion with scar (and hammer) too!!!! So I guess they’re part of the next series! :D
Do you collect them also? I’ve been looking for Tyrion in my area and none of the comics shop has him :( But I’m having so much fun with Jaime though. I bring him around with me hahaha ok i’m rambling imma stop now :x


ANY questions ask ask ask - And I hope that as many of you guys wanna join in.

As I’ve already said, the winners can choose whatever they want me to draw, and if it’s some fandom I am not familiar with, I am going to ask for references. It can also be an oc, an animal, anything :)

And yes, I’ll keep this to people who follow me - not that follow-unfollow shit.

If you see this and follow me afterwards! Awesome, I couldn’t be happier. But if you see this, follow, reblog and unfollow… shame on you.

Either way, this is for fun :) And I hope you people are as excited about this as I am… Because I am fucking exited! +500 watchers!


Guys. GUYS. GUISE!!! Ok so. You guys know these little GoT character dolls right?

Well, they’re called Funko Pop!s and I’ve been interested in them for a while now and today I found out that for the next series of GoT figures, they’re gonna make a Brienne one OMasfhsgajskdjlkajvk!! And there are rumors that there’ll be a handless Jaime one kjasldkjfklajklsd;gjal;sf!! I wanna get them both and force them to make out while making kissing noises!! 

Ok. You can carry on with your tumbling now. hahaha.